you ought to be proud that i'm getting good marks. (soadgrrl13) wrote,
you ought to be proud that i'm getting good marks.

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i like when things annoy me. no, i really do.

school was alrite today. at least we're on vacation now though. as much as i'm happy about that, i keep thinking about how fast it's gonna go by and how much that will suck. ahh. history was really really fun today. competitive pictionary, bitches. wow, it was heaven, hahah. i don't have that much homework, which is awesome. i did extra credit for history and geometry and i have to finish spanish and this stupid sheet for geometry. whatever, i'll do that sunday.

i'm so fuckin paranoid it scares me. every time something good happens to me i think it's gonna disappear for no apparent reason. i don't even have a reason to be scared, but i still am. and i miss him a lot. it sucks we live far from eachother. ::sigh:: i kinda wanna tell him how i feel about him and stuff so he knows i care. i dunno, i'm an idiot. i'm just scared to lose him.

and i dunno why i get so annoyed with my mom. it's so fucking much. i've been waiting for like 2 hours to wash my stupid clothes and she keeps throwing fucking clothes in there. i'm like, "can i wash my clothes now." and she's like, "no." and i'm like, "why." and she's like, "because i have a lot of loads to do." and i'm like [in the calmest voice possible], "this really makes me mad." goddddd. i kinda went off on her today too. i told her it seems like every time i try to joke around with either her or somebody else she has to fucking say something. and i was getting soo fuckin mad and she just like walked away. god damnit and i know she knows i'm right, that's why she can't fucking say shit to me. ahhhh whatever. sorry i'm just getting really annoyed by shit lately.

i guess i'm off.
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