you ought to be proud that i'm getting good marks. (soadgrrl13) wrote,
you ought to be proud that i'm getting good marks.

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i love this fucking song!

i'm still online so i decided to update again. seeing as how i have nothing else to do.

i was reading someone's journal and it really got me mad. jesus, these people think they start all these fucking trends, it's so stupid. like wearing a fucking sock on your hand..cute. or wearing a lot of bracelets. cmon, like you're REALLY the first one to wear a lot of bracelets. and you're not "weird" because of it either. is that bitchy? i don't know, it's just annoying how some people who are in HIGH SCHOOL are all, "ew, that grrl is a prep." or "i don't like her because she wears american eagle." for seriously, it's bullshit and that's so middle school, grrls. i love grrls that think their better than other grrls because their not as "materialistic". wow, their stupid. give it a fucking rest.

other than that, i'm okay. haha. i'm washing my clothes. after my mom got mad about it of course..jesus christ! i love when she's like that..really, i do!

lisa is watching UPN and i remember mary, chris, lisa, ashley, kelly, my dad and i going to chicago and being asked to be in one of their commercials. we all had to form a "u" with our hands and say, "U's got it!" and we all kept looking out for it, but we never saw it. i think i'd like to see it. it'd be weird because that happened like 6 years ago.

thanksgiving is tomorrow..i guess i'm looking forward to that. my cousin's boyfriend is going and that's kinda weird. i always feel awkward when "strangers" come to my grandma's house. there's always those silent moments when you'd rather kill yourself than live through that shit. at least there's no school.

i have stuff on my mind. i'm really not sure what, if that makes sense, but i hate it. i hate thinking ahhhhh. fuck it.

catch you on the flip syde.

[now THAT was ghetto].
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