you ought to be proud that i'm getting good marks. (soadgrrl13) wrote,
you ought to be proud that i'm getting good marks.

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when i move you move, just like that

happy thanksgiving day everyone. mine was pretty good, i guess all i'm concerned about is the food so..ahhaha. i just finished watching edward scissorhands. i love love love that movie. now i'm kinda sleepy because i was laying in my bed and i feel all chill now. ahhhh. ummm, i like to think about nice things. yeh, i do. my uncle's sort of an asshole. yeh, yeh, i know he jokes around A LOT, but he's so fucking rude sometimes. i just wanted to sit there and badmouth his fucking wife, but i didn't.

the food was sooo good today. hmmm, i'm hungry again too. mmm, now we get to have leftovers for like a week. yum. i wrapped molly's presents a little bit ago. hehe, i hope she likes them. only 2 hours and 45 more minutes grrl!! and only one day and 2 hours and 45 minutes til you drive!!!!!!!! yay!!

i guess that's it for right now. oh yeh, i'm in a huge mood to watch nightmare before christmas. i'm in a tim burton mood tonight i think. hahahah.

i'm outz. [fuckin ghetto].
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