you ought to be proud that i'm getting good marks. (soadgrrl13) wrote,
you ought to be proud that i'm getting good marks.

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i'm a motha fuckin P-I-M-P

last night was off the hooook. ann, molly and i went to randhurst, ate at chili's, went to best buy, picked up mike and went to bg theaters and saw freaky friday. hahaha. ahh, those hot topic grrls are great. they really are.

then today mary and i went to the library and then to family video and rented 'one hour photo'. got all creeped out by that. haha, pretty good movie though.

then adammmm called and he came over. it was nice to not leave because every time he comes over we seem to just go out. ahahha, he made me laugh a lot like usual and that's all awesome about it..umm, yeh i was urgin the entire i went to say bye to him and we were in his car and lisa saw us kissing..jesus christ. she's such an idiot. he touched my knee cap and said it was cold and she saw him and told him "to stop hitting on my sister. i don't want her impregnated at 16." which made us laugh a lot, but not when she's a big creep and she stalked us. hahaha.

finished my homework a little bit ago..kinda half assed it. don't member ANY algebra from last year..ahh well. i get to miss block a tomorrow. ahh, that's fuckin heaven. hopefully this metal comes outta my boca soon..hmmmmmmmm.

i'm outttttttttt.
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