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you ought to be proud that i'm getting good marks.

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high as the sky, you seemed so safe

today was alrite. i can barely open my mouth..ahh, i'm such a freak. and it hurts sooo bad. i can't wait til i get this fucking shit out of my mouth. but at least i missed spanish. hahah.

i got in yet ANOTHER fight with alvarez. ahhh. i think maybe the way he saw it was that i was being a bitch, but i really didn't wanna make it seem like that. he brought up the whole me talking shit to adam or whatever and i told him he always blows things way out of proportion. seriously, why would i talk shit about him?! yeh, it was pretty bad, adam was on the phone and alvarez and i just started yelling at eachother. godddddddddddddd, what the fuck, sometimes i feel like i'm talking to a wall because he won't like even TRY to understand me. i fucking HATE fighting with him, it's the absolute worst, but i don't know why he thinks i'm such a fucking bitch that i'd talk shit about him like that..i wouldn't. and i hate awkward situations, but now my home life will become just that..ewwwww, i hate it.

i need to find a motha fuckin job. i'm thinking about target, but i dunno because i'm not down for staying there until like 1130 or midnight on school nights..i'll be fuckin dead. i dunno, i'm fucked if i don't find one soon. hmm.

today in gym i kept making fun of mormans. sorry to any of you who are really mormans, don't read this if you are. molly said how they like have big families because when they die they think their gonna live on a planet with them or something..ok, that's just fucking scary! and i don't mean to be a bitch, but damnnnnn, the whole religion seems like a huge joke. i'm gonna look stuff up online, this shit is fucking insane.

i'm lonely, ahh. like really lonely. make it stop.

i'm outtt.
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