you ought to be proud that i'm getting good marks. (soadgrrl13) wrote,
you ought to be proud that i'm getting good marks.

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you're my favorite thing about the west coast

merry christmas, you mother fuckers!!

man o man do i love break! it's been heaven, but all i can do is worry about school and all my god forsaken homework.

my christmas has been pretty good. i went to my aunt's, then slept at my dad's. i received mostly money and that's pretty good. now i have money for downtown on tuesday!! everyone is going right? including the johnsons, sarah, melissa and amy of course, guys better fuckin be in. mmmmmm, how bout a sleepover too?? sounds yummaaaay.

we had our secret santa party and it was reallllll fun. slept at my aunt's house and watched spice world and zoolander, but me fell asleep after spice world. i think i'm going to my aunt's house tonight to sleep over, but mary and chris aren't back yet..hmmmmmmmmmm.

kara, molly and i rolled down that big ass hill with buckets. mmm, it was muy fun!! and what the fuck is up with it not snowing?? it fucking melted like right away! mmmmmmmmm i wanna sled. i need a fix..

have a good fuckin christmas!
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