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you ought to be proud that i'm getting good marks.

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make it a note to take your time

yesterday was funnnnnn! new year's was awesome, stayed up til 9, talked with everyone.....we visited amy for a total of like 10 minutes, but it was still really nice to see her! it was the shiiiiat. alvarez, adam and rick ended up coming to kara's for a little bit. mm, nice to see him<3. then me, ann and kara went to woodfield. spent like ALL of my money, but that's ok. i think i deserve to splurge once in awhile. got some cute ass shit! then ann and i picked up amy! we went to border's where ann bought a random cd..and it sucked..haha, but at least they can play their instruments! kinda..yeh. haaaa. then we went to sns and i said hi to lisa! man, i love her! best waitress ever. haa. amy thought phil was, that was funny ass shit. i love you amy!!! eeeeee!

and today i woke up at like noon and i had to wash the damn floor. AND i cleaned the kitchen..for 10 bucks!! what..the..hell? the floor took like 45 minutes to do..mmmmm, not to mention i was told i'd be paid 20! gahh, whatevaaaaa.

haha, TOTALLY bullshitting my notes. kara, i'm almost done w/ ch. 27..hahah, 2 things from each, i'm a slacker. me no care!

me loves my friends!!!!!!!!!! [ann, kara, amy, molly, mary, jess, jen, sarah and melissa]!
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