you ought to be proud that i'm getting good marks. (soadgrrl13) wrote,
you ought to be proud that i'm getting good marks.

survey from amy

- last thinqs.
[last word you said] i can't remember..that's not what i said, i really can't remember.
[last sonq you sanq] "needle in the hay" by elliott smith
[last thinq you lauqhed at] "the only thing you support is your feet when your in your lazy boy"
[last time you said 'i love you'] i can't remember
[last time you cried] haha, yesterday

- present.
[what color socks are you wearinq] i'm not wearing any
[current annoyance] figuring out how to sneak a camera into the metro
[current book] the virgin suicides..still
[ current favorite article of clothinq] green and white skirt
[favorite place to be] johnson's house, sns
[least favorite place] usually home
[stronq in mind or stronq in body] mind
[time you wake up in the morninq] 6-620
[favorite color] pink, blue, green..i dunno, there's so many!
[do you believe in an afterlife] naw
[how tall are you] 5'5 i think
[current favorite words/sayinqs] "abso-fuckin-lutely," but i never say it. i think i'll start to.
[favorite season] summer
[one person you wish was here riqht now] no one
[favorite day] friday/saturday

- past.
[kinderqarten teacher's name] mrs. keifer
[1st qrade teacher's name] mrs. jagielo
[2nd qrade teacher's name] ms. richards
[3rd qrade teacher's name] mrs. porter
[4th qrade teacher's name] ms. back
[5th qrade teacher's name] mrs. yaeger
[6th qrade teacher's name] engelkens/wolf/youtsey
[7th qrade teacher's name] bielat/kainu hahahahha/davis

- present.
[in cd player] mewithoutyou
[on feet] REALLY smelly shoes
[under bed] my bed consists of a mattress on my floor.
[what time you qot up] 1013
[time it is now] 103

- future.
[you want to qrow up to] lots of friends, love, a couple not serious jobs.
[ideal job] cheesecake factory? who knows
[you want to live] the city..god
[number of children you want] don't know
[kind of car] ford focus..they're SOOO cheap!

- current.
[mood] weird..really fucking happy and excited
[music] charlie brown's christmas song
[taste] bagel and chive cream cheese
[hair] down
[attire] black shirt, fall out boy shirt and sxe sweater
[desktop imaqe]<3
[favorite music artist] as of right now, mewithoutyou, elliott smith, the get up kids, jimmy eat world
[finqernail color] dark maroon
[crush] adam<3
[time-wastinq wish] having to not worry about my future..goddd
[hate] being moody
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