you ought to be proud that i'm getting good marks. (soadgrrl13) wrote,
you ought to be proud that i'm getting good marks.

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i want a man, not a boy who thinks he can

:love equals:

the spice girls
chocolate frozen yogurt
brown boys
kisses [um bonerrr]
nice big hugs
snapple lemon iced tea
cookies from school
no homework
not being in a fight with alvarez anymore
driving to michigan [hopefully]

:non-love equals:
being kicked by big brother
[big bruises slash hurting]
mouth cuts from braces
being called "emo sugar" by 3 mean boys
not being able to stick up for myself..:sigh:
creepy stalkers
brain freezes
boob sweat [eww..goes hand-in-hand with aerobics]

don't ask me why. i was bored. i want to personally apologize to all who have read my livejournal in the last 19 hours or so..i dunno what happened. i just don't know! ok, so lay off BITCHES!

today was an OK day, for a monday. molly wasn't there and neither was alvarez. :bows head: therefore, school wasn't as fun. i've come to the conclusion that i can't stand up for myself for shit..that really sucks. on the contrary to popular belief, i'm really not a bitch's not even just that it pisses me off, but it's seriously like embarrassing. especially when your friends are standing there and all these other people. and i don't wanna sound like a mother, but some people seriously don't have respect for people. when i get in moods like this, i wanna talk to adam. he really makes me feel better in a snap. ahh :(. yeh, definitley makes me happy. mmmmm.

msi is playing wednesday and thursday. pooooo. oh well, maybe next time. it will be next time, i promise you that!!

ok, good mood now. can you guess why? guess, i FUCKING dare you to! go!!!!!!

i'm off like a motha fuckin dirty shirt!

[nobody can hold me down..oh no. i got ta keep on movin].
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